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About Us

Midwife’s Billing Service was born in March of 1997, and was purchased by Marnie & her husband Kevin, in March 1998. Together along with an amazing staff, MBSI has grown and refined its abilities and services to include more than 60 Practices & Birthing Centers across the country. We are proud of the fact that our clients consider us the backbone of their business and a major financial key to their practice’s survival. A great part of MBSI’s personal success is due to the diverse backgrounds of the staff. Not only is the owner an experienced Midwife, but the staff consists of AAPC certified billers and coders, ensuring that your claims receive expert attention and care.

Orange Innovation Center, Orange MA

MBSI is located in the Orange Innovation Center, in downtown Orange MA. A wonderful old factory building that is a host to many artists, innovators and green businesses.

Marnie Cabezas-Skorupa:

Marnie Cabezas-Skorupa

Marnie Cabezas-Skorupa, CPM has been involved in Midwifery since 1991. After her training, she opened Motherwood Midwifery Services in October 1994. Over the years she has been a Coordinator & Midwifery Educator of the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance Midwifery Programs, a presenter of “Business of Midwifery” topics at national conferences, along with running a busy Boston area (prior to moving to the country) homebirth practice.

With the growth of both the billing service and their family, along with moving to Western Massachusetts, Marnie slowed down her homebirth practice to focus on the billing side of Midwifery. Offering Midwives support by means of billing services, practice management and financial consulting has been a great source of joy and satisfaction. She notes, “Midwives support so many people throughout their lives, it is a pleasure to be of assistance to them, so that they can spend their time catching babies, rather than fighting with insurance companies.”

Midwife’s Billing Service Cares:

Professionally MBSI staffs AAPC certified billers and coders and are members of the American Association of Professional Coders by choice to further affirm the need for proper application of coding and billing knowledge and to stay current with industry wide changes as well as continued professional development.

MBSI is a proud member and supporter of the American Association of Birthing Centers an organization which is “dedicated to the promotion of the rights of healthy women and their families, in all communities, to birth their children in an environment which is safe, sensitive and economical with minimal intervention.”